Face Recognition System (eFRS)

        In the past, the use of face recognition technology was limited to government entities and large-scale enterprises. E-Ideas's brings power of Face Recognition to retailers, commercial / residential properties, transportation, law enforcement agencies and corporates. E-Ideas's face recognition solution matches live images with the face of an individual, in an existing database of faces, thereby enhancing the security of the organization.




  • The system can detect with accuracy greater than 95%.
  • Face Detection has multiple faces simultaneously.
  • Can analysis similarity of faces from the facial structure of the faces.
  • Can add face templates for matching comparison.
  • Can alert the blacklist faces.
  • Can determine the level of similarity.
  • Can tell the percentage of sex whether male or female.
  • Can manage face images e.g. searching, recording and editing face data
  • All faced e recorded with time stamp information to make it easy for searching.
  • Can be applied to use with other software and systems such as an automatic license plate recognition, e4c, evlink, access control by face.
  • Unlimited detec and save data

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  • Security Applications such as Access Controls, Secured Area Monitoring, Government office security, Public Area that need application of Face Recognition technologies.
    VIP recognition and identifications
  • Business intelligence (counting people, age and gender identification, time in and out, etc)
  • Public safety and investigations (Detection of block listed, suspected and unwanted individuals)
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Any other applications where you want to integrate with!!!



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