eSC3S Surround Scanning System(eSC3S)


Compatible with systems: eUVS310-F-eAlpr, eFace and eAIpr.

Can take clear pictures in any light day and night.

There is no limitation on the length of the vehicle that can be recorded.

Able to photograph cars moving at speeds from 0-20 km/h.

Able to take complete pictures of the car The image is continuous as a single image.

If the car is stationary on the DVR The resulting image not extending the length of time the car is parked on the plane.

There is a temperature control system that can report the internal temperature into the computer system for users to check back.

Can read and record the license plate of the car that is recording under the car at the same time.

Under-car photos can be saved in JPEG format or better.

when the car passes by The under-vehicle recorder will automatically read the license plate at the same time.

Under-car photo comparison system It is the Thai version (thai/ vession) and can search for photos under the car from the car registration.

The system can use only CCTV image data without any accessories.

The system can work with both Analog and IP Camera CCTV.

Able to read and convert Thai registrations into numbers letters and provinces If the name cannot be read.

Provinces clearly, the system must display provinces that are close to reading at least 3 ranks.

Non-vehicle images will not be saved into the database.

It can detect vehicles passing through the camera in both forward and backward directions.

Compatible with MySQL databases and Microsoft SQL server.

Vehicle registration photographs can be stored in JPEG format or better, with at least two photographs per vehicle taken under the vehicle. and photographs of license plates only by car registration photo Can be searched by at least date or time or agency code.

ㆍ There is an automatic data deletion system in the event that the hard disk space is almost full. You can choose to delete movies or steam images while maintaining a list of at least 500,000 most recent images saved in the original database without loss.

ㆍThe data can be stored on the hard disk of the computer.

Able to back up data to CD, DVD or other hard disk and can restore the backed up data.

ㆍCan support connection with the Department of Land Transport's registration database or network registration database. Drug dealers (Black List) to reserve them at the machine to alert them when they are detected. It can automatically update the information all the time.


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