VAN Mobile Station

Details of smart technology, tools and equipment in the VAN Mobile Station
1.Integrated Security Management System Digital City Ai Analytics used Sphere Image 360 Degrees Cameras by Omnidirectional Geo Spatial Video. Live Investigations,
GeoInnovation toward Safe and Smart City Management.
It is a system that can link every information. Side, together with a virtual image that can be viewed in all directions In a viewable image that can be analyzed. Investigating, investigating, measuring distances, looking for summary information compared to real-time data including CCTV images, vehicle registration images Personal information, suspicious information, traffic information, information of various crimes, security and safety On the military side and Various key departments to reach conclusions quickly, working with Big Data AI analytics effectively
2.Intelligent Electronic Fence Online Electronics Fence (Fiber Optic / Optical Sensors, Wireless Radar / Laser, Camera AI, Thermal Camera, Motion Detection, Smart Sensor (Radar, Laser, Motion-Wireless, Fiber Fence etc.) can be adjusted to switch the location of the outside installation.
3.Digital Radio, Blue tooth, ZigBee, NB-IOE, RoLa, Satellite / Star Link, 3G / 4G / 5G .., Wi-Fi, LAN and Fiber Optic can be
4.Walk Through Walk Through Inspection System Gun, Metal, Facial, Body and Body Temperature. Covid-19 Screener is compatible with other systems and integrates with the system. Central management To be able to connect data with Big Data Ai Analytics and other organization's data.
5. Smart Drone Ai Analytics and Emergency Management (eALPR, eFace, Vehicle Tracking. and Follow-up, Tire Killer, Environmental Monitoring, Important Area Monitoring, Crowd Detection, Digital Signboard, Delivery etc.)
6. Emergency Management (Smart Pole Data Center/Control Room) (SOS , 2Ways
Communication Voice & Video)
7.eSmart Tools (Big Data Ai Analytics), People Smart Devices (Body Cam, GPS, Mob-App. and Others) One Stop Service System and Emergency Management (Registrations, Scanner, Screener, Checkpoint, Border Management etc.) Vehicle, People, Object, Smart CCTV Operation Color Mode Day and Night + Ai Analytics and more.
8. Wireless Monitoring and Control by Mobile App SOS, 2Ways Communication Voice &
Video Chat, Conference
9. Device management system including Hardware and Software, Multiple Devices Controller. (Server, PC, Network, NVR etc.) because the device is placed in multiple locations, both mobile and Stationary or in-office, so there must be a Geo-Informatics management system. Innovation to fix, improve, crash maintenance and upgrade software and hardware to provide Modern and work with maximum efficiency.
10.Smart Border and Checkpoint Solution (X-Ray, Thermal Scan Camera, Smart Sensor, Walkthroughs, Facial Recognition, ID-Card / Passport Reader / Personal Paper Identification, eALPR, eKYC, Long Distant object Detection, eUVSS, Vehicle Roof Detection, Vehicle Classification, People Behavior Detection (Run, Fall, Crowd, Flight), Gun / Knife Detection People Identification, Covid-19 Screener etc. And Real time recognition Identification Alert / Alarm and Announcements
11.E4C (Excellence Connectivity Command and Control Center) connectivity between Mobile VAN to Data Center and VAN Mobile Station to VAN Mobile Station. The e4C administration center has Both at headquarters, a sub-office that is a permanent location and a mobile station Therefore, working together, there must be an up-to-date connection of information at all times.
Communication is also important in
Linking information found that there is a real-time notification of
both the car and the person to link the place in the manner of GEO-Innovation And alerts for each vehicle to
coordinate with each other to assist in an emergency According to the coordinates of the incident by working the link between the air,
land and Various communications including officials In working together with a full range
12. One Stop Service eKiosk Completed Self-services (Covid-19 Screener, IRIS, Facial
recognition, Credit Card, ID-Card & Passport Reader, QR-Code, Fingerprint Scan, SOS,
2Ways Communication Voice and Video)
13. Tracking Management (Vehicle, People, Staff and Object)
14.Green Energy, Smart energy, Solar, Wind, Generator, Electric Power220Vac (Auto switcher Power Managements)
15. Open Platform can connect to various systems. Both now and in the future
16.Data link All devices, all systems are compatible. Geo-Innovation Various devices and systems work. Together with Digital Location to get accurate, fast, timely conclusions, find the target that meet Want and position effectively. 


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