eAlpr Smart Checkpoint Mobile Station


The eAlpr Smart Checkpoint Mobile Station can record and analyze the data of the car by just looking at the license plate of the car. The product also supports cloud which indicates about the allowance of the cars about whether or not the car is permitted based on the data and history of the car and the driver which meant that the product is supported to eKYC as well (eKYC stands for excellence know your customer ). While the car stops for the barrier gate and gets the parking card, the camera on the top will detect the driver”s face and then, later on, opens the barrier gate (The product will be used with barrier gates for parking purposes). The reason why there is the word mobile in the product’s name is that the smart checkpoint can be a move to other places without much hassle because the product is designed for easy removal and wheels to be used for moving. The product helps with the concept of Smart Parking Management and security in general.

Sample screen display


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