Mobile Mapping System (eMMS)


          E2GIS converts the output from the Ladybug3 into a 3D Geo-spatial Video. Thereafter computer graphics are then used to add attribute details and create an accurate, highly interactive map of the targeted environment.

Listed Below are Several Government Organizations Can Use which our product:

        - Public Works and City Municipalities

        - Department of Highways

        - Land Management,Infrastructure

        - Ministry of Transportation

        - Air Force

        - Defense

        - Housing Authorities

        - Cadastral and Mapping departments etc.

E2GIS: MMS Software

        - Active Link Vision (ALV) for Arc GIS, Web ALPF for Web and SDK for Both Desktop and Web Application.


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Mobile Mapping System


Advantages: (why e2GIS Solution??) The e2GIS system can be very useful in a way:

         - High resolution Geo Spatial Video

         - High relative and positional accuracy

         - 360 degree viewing capability (All surrounding Image)

        - Asset capture and management capability (accurate OS co-old location, plus numerous attributes)

        - Output to ESRI software (via Shape file or ASCII file or Geo database formats) But the e2GIS system provides MUCH more than this.

It has huge advantages for such as:

         - The e2GIS system enables many other measurements to be made, (e.g. road width, curb height, signs post heights and widths, tree diameters and road overhang etc.)

         - Computer generated design work (e.g. new bus lane, new road markings, new signs, pavement re-alignment,) can be added and viewed from all directions.

        - Landscape visualization (existing, plus any planned changes).

         - Direct access to asset data from one click of the video screen. Thus the user can intuitively and rapidly access the data. NOTE – This is in addition to the 'traditional' GIS method of access to the data via a point on a map.

         - Visualization and computation of inter-visibility at accident black spots.

         - Data outputs can be formatted for input to many other systems.

         - The survey can be viewed from all directions – including plan view (ideal for manholes and gullies – upwards (all building elevations are captured and heights are measurable), tree heights, widths, trunk diameters, road sign – full sizing is possible. There is no 'blank area'.

         -The system and data set, once captured will provide cost benefits and advantages to all aspects of works (and all other aspects of the City's management)


         - Planning Maintenance

         - Transport planning bus routing, amendments, taxi/bus lanes, cycle routes etc.

         - Design – new roads, amendments to road, pavement, surrounding environment.

         - Environmental considerations.


         - Data Acquisition: The e2GIS Mobile mapping system comprises a solid state 360 degree 'video' imaging acquisition system (6 CCD lens). It also has verticality / inclinometer sensor, GPS and other sensors. The Maximum resolution of the camera is 5400 X 2700 and we offer an optimal resolution of 2800 X 1400.

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