Dynamic DNS Service (eDDNS)

e-Ideas Dynamic DNS Service (eDDNS) is an appliance developed by e-Ideas suitable for home and small business applications which allows the client to have an own web domain.

eDDNS is an innovative technology having apache server embedded in the chip. The embedded server is a secured appliance (hack proof) which doesn’t need of any other additional security appliance nor software.

Having an eDDNS appliance combined with an e-Smart Box will allow you to control or view your IP capable devices (ex. IP based CCTV and other IP based appliances) over the Internet using a PC or a smartphone at any given point in time. Other eDDNS appliance applications are as follows:

eddns diagram

  • Hi-Speed Dynamic IP
  • CCTV
  • HOME Security/Automation
  • BAS Brach Monitoring/Control
  • VPN
  • Web/Mail/FTP at your home
  • Etc.



e-Ideas also provides online GIS and managed Helpdesk to assist clients 24/7.  


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