Biometrics (Biometric) is biotechnology, which is a combination of bio-technology and medical technology together with the computer. The identity of a person is identified by measuring the unique physical characteristics and behavioral characteristics of each person and compare with the features that have been saved earlier in the database. Most of physical properties of the people will not change over time, as human behavior can be changed, whether vocal or signature. Using the keyboard, which is a feature of a person's behavior, can be changed with time and learning of that person, thus proving the person by physical characteristics is more reliable. Another advantage of using a this type of Biometric type is easy and acceptable by users with low risk because there is no organs (e.g. eyes) contact with equipment, which is susceptible to infection. Examples of commonly used physical characteristics include fingerprint, palm and iris with a black eye or face.

Features of eBiometric



System features

  • Can detect and record the template
  • Search, compare, and match faces
  • Can read and write iris to a template
  • Search, compare, and match Iris
  • Can read the fingerprint template and save up to  10 fingers
  • Search, compare, and match fingerprints
  • Can bind individual data from the ID card, eyes, face, fingerprint, passport photos from the passport reader, and can compare to faces
  • Can set an individual as a person under surveillance
  • Can search the surveillance persons footage from the faces
  • Can search the surveillance persons from a fingerprint images
  • Can set an individual as the suspected person
  • Can search the suspected person from faces
  • Can search the suspectped person from fingerprints
  • can link, process, and store information from big data storage 
  • Information can be sent to the command and control center
  • The system can be applied to a variety of different systems, for example e4C, smart city

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