Lane Change Management (eLCMS)

       e-Ideas Lane Change Management System (eLCMS)is a system developed by e-ideas using investigate and capture images of vehicles violating traffic laws, especially the ban on changing lane change. Do not change lanes in the change. Is traffic violations by the car crossed the double yellow or white lines that separate lanes eLCMS is a model with a high resolution camera (HD) and video monitoring technology with a resolution of 10 million pixels.

       When a lane change violation of the ban in place. The system handles violates change lane in the prohibited zone (eLCMS) will be called automatically and will capture the incident by eLCMS a video five seconds, and the image is changing lanes in no change in the number three shots in which the lane change. The change is in place, there is a camera that shows images of motorcycles or cars with a clear picture of the license plate.

Detect Lane Change


Lane Change Management

Special Feature

  • Detect the violated vehicle that enters into the prohibited zone while the traffic lane change
  • Define the Type of violated vehicle
  • Define the Color of violated vehicle
  • Measure the Real Speed of violated vehicle
  • Record the violated event in VDO file
  • Remote Station with 3G/4G mobile network
  • ITS Support with e4C
  • High Reliability and Security by 128 bits data encryption
  • Full High Definition Image Capture (1920 x 1080 px)
  • Extend Long Range Detection Area more than 100 meter
  • High Accuracy more than 70%



  • Extend Ethernet port
  • 3G/4G USB Air Card
  • Extend Long Range Radio Frequency Interface more than 1km
  • Point-to-Point WiFi



  • Camera High CMOS Resolution 3 Mega Pixels
  • Industrial PC Processor Intel Core i5 2.5GHz


Power Supply

  • Main Power Supply : 220Vac / 50Hz


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