Excellence connectivity and control center (e4C)

         The excellence connectivity and control center (e4C), is a centralized management solutions by combining advanced technology with a long-term research and effective test from the Eideas to assist authorities in monitoring and analyzing data with fast, accurate, complete information possible for the security of life and property. Especially in an emergency case or disaster scene, the information needs to be concluded quickly and correctly. The e4c system consists of analysis technology and virtual surround data.
  • e-Smart Digital City Management with 3DVDOGIS you can see pictures as the scene of a 360-degree images, produced from the eMMS (e-Mobile Mapping System, and virtually manage a city by analyzing geographic areas together with a digital map.
  • e-Vlink that works as a hub to manage vehicle information, phone,  important documents in the database via the Internet and help extracting the useful information from the e4C and allow authorities to search for information, analyze data accurately and quickly to assure safety protection and suppress illegal activities previously occurred, which is very important in maintaining law and peace. 
  • e-CCTV system for importing images from CCTVs in all systems to filter the data,  capture and display data as required, to reduce the time for finding required significant data in a concerned period to quickly conclusion. Any camera of any brand can be connected to the system and analytics can be performed with new and previous installed cameras.
  •  e-Smart BOX is a device that receive and transmit signals to and from many sensors and able to control various devices, and can work in various location via a network based on Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, 3G, 4G, GPRS and others so that works at the central part and other parts are interrelated, highly integrated and complete.
  • e-Automatic License Plate recognition is an automatic license plate reader system that can analyze the journey of each car, calculate parking fee, and can efficiently verify vehicles with fake license plates.
  •  e-Biometrics Biometrics is bringing the system together. 
        Examples of biometrics
                     - IRIS Scanner gets IRIS data to classifyeyes using software to detect the iris and comparing with the database.
                 - Fingerprint Scanner gets fingerprints data to identity of the person using the identity of a person's fingerprint for verification and authentication.
                 - Face Detection & Recognition system uses face detection and face recognition software with facial data in the database to locate the suspect. The system can distinguish the movements associated with passport and ID card and also can determine the sex and age for saving time of inspection.
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