e4C (what about)


e4C (centralized Command and Control Center) This is system include modern technology to manage security within the district, province or country all days, the system can realtime check who,how,where ,when take a danger around that area 


e4C Include:

case study:Rebellion

  1. When entering the country are retina scanning. Read passport Log in and save face e4C.
  2. When I went to check in at the hotel or a convenience store. Will be the face and the current position of the person. And vehicles traveling from the airport into a center plate is read e4C.
  3. If such individuals to the terrorist system can e4C information VDO during the time of the incident, the suspects face and enter data into information so that individuals such as current whereabouts. If you check out of the hotel when walking through the camera, face detection camera alerts. If you are not staying at the hotel when leaving the country at the airport check-in camera, face detection, it will alert the face arrest when found.


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