Security Market Continues to grow Prepare for the ASEAN Economic Community.


Security Market Asean
       Security Market Continued growth Because consumer awareness. And the security of property And more self By both the public Private and turn my attention more at this point. The Asian region has Preparedness opening Asean Economic Community (AEC) as well as individual entrepreneurs Company. Recommended accessories and unique knowledge about technology security. Accident prevention in all aspects by the company E-ideas Co., Ltd.
        E-ideas Limited is one of the leading security innovations introduced by highlights security management system and integrated city management. This is a benefit to all citizens. Because all of the security requirements. This system will help solve unforeseen emergencies. Because today, Thailand is still a lack of secure cycle dating.
        The product E-ideas that tell the entire scene as scene after scene and all. The data collected in both still images and text. Provides all the information that is included in the software called Visual link to analyze the relationship between the vehicle and the face of the culprit. Before sending the information to the police to arrest following a timely manner. Additionally, the product provides a system of E-ideas Simulation level buildings that are much higher. Geo Reference software for image 360 ​​degrees, which can be determined if the shooting Clash of the long building with snipers. And calculate ballistics immediately strengths E-ideas are developed both hardware and software. The task now is to manage the security of the city and traffic. For example, the order is sent to the home after driving rules. All of these works of E-ideas that partnership with government at all. Which is the main customer of the opening ASEAN Community (AEC) that affect the security business quite by E-ideas began to detect license plates of vehicles from foreigners and then some. Malaysia and Laos And to cooperate to further the ASEAN group to complete. To secure a good even more for government projects in the next 1-2 years ahead of the interest. CCTV is the national center The project has been put away. But still unknown to progress. That will happen or not and when. There is also a project management company that would catch the water remains no less.
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