BLOCKS intelligence clock operates its own The world's first watch


intelligent clock


       This is another project of interest from Kickstater that the funding target in less than one day with Smartwatch assembled you watch intelligent custom assembly, called Blocks modular, users can modify the components to add capacity. According to requirements The series started called Blocks Core packs will consist of a body clock. Only circular dials Comes with Bluetooth connectivity and Bluetooth BLE Wi-Fi, screen respond to touch, show support notifications from Mobile, detection of activity and exercise. Including voice commands as well. The rechargeable batteries used once a day and a half. Applicable for both the iPhone and Android.

       The strap is a simple module like Lego. Does not require much technical knowledge. Change / add parts Allows for more variety Parts are also available, ranging from cameras, GPS, sensors measure heart rate, NFC, etc. If the battery has been increasing in popularity. We would see the odd module. By coming out the other stuff too. If anyone is interested, you can read it on Kickstarter.

ref :ข่าวเทคโนโลยี/143738/BLOCKS-นาฬิกาอัจฉริยะประกอบเอง-เรือนแรกของโลก.html

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