4 mobile apps to survive in different situations.

"It is now more difficult every day," I believe this will all have heard this sentence. Another factor that makes people today "are difficult" every day is due to several reasons including disaster caused by humans themselves. With economic conditions are quite good. People we exploit each other up. Including threats from natural forms. Whether it is earthquakes, storms, floods, drought and sometimes we ourselves into a situation that "is difficult" by mistake. Imagine if you drove home country at night and suddenly the car was born a secluded spot on a dark street. And no phone signal You will survive this situation, how?

We offer four mobile apps that will help you survive in a variety of formats. Let's read it together

1. SAS Survival Guide Lite : A mobile app teaches outdoor skills to survive in the wild terrain. And a variety of terrain Content for apps written by masters of the SAS special forces of the British Isles. Sample content in this app is like a bonfire for water. Navigating by the stars The use of living Sending SOS variations. With albums such as visual depictions of clouds destination. The weather forecast Painting the night sky to teach about navigation by the stars. Albums videos that teach a different story. Including knife skills for a living. A list of questions to test your knowledge. A table check list of things to bring to the outdoor living with it. The app is perfect for people who want to prepare for emergency situations. The people who love the outdoor life.

2. AccuWeather : Many people may not think that's going to rain, it is another to make our lives difficult. As people prepare to go to the sea during the holiday week. Planning, booking well. But the day that I met with thunderstorms. Stuck in the room. Not exposed to the sun and surf as intended. So this is easier. We installed it in the forecast for this smart Novgorod our common good. Can weather a week in advance that it will be raining or sunny. Where to go province Choose to see the weather in London at all. Load the app, then your life will not be difficult because of the rain anymore. ^^

3. LINE Tools : This mobile app is ingested then that this would be easier, of course. The app includes multiple tools. I took it in a single app. Have the ability to do many things. Since pestle lean warship It is capable of such an act into a calculator, read QR Code, measure volume, protractor. For measuring the degree of things. For students, a flashlight for navigating in the dark. Or when the power goes out at home, a stopwatch, a magnifying glass for reading. Or two small details, the compass and the developer promised to increase the capabilities of the app in the future. Another app that deserves to have it on your smart phone.

4. SHAREit : This app helps you survive the situation need to send photos from a smart phone. Files or whatever To the smart phones of friends. The submitted image Or large files via Bluetooth, it certainly takes time. Once uploaded to the cloud storage. Then Share It is time consuming and cumbersome But with this app that relies on sending files between two machines smartphone with a Wi-Fi Peer-to-peer means. You can send files to each other without using the Internet. And a fast file transfer over Bluetooth to send files up to 200 times larger. Or many files as fast as ever. Tell me that is another app that is ingested. And this is really easy.


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