SAMSUNG height technology identity verification on SMARTWATCH through the veins.

Currently, the most advanced identity verification is now seen to be a fingerprint scanner that we use today. But it seems the Samsung is advanced to the next level with identity verification through vessel ever by Samsung has made a new patent titled Wearable Device And Method Of Operating The Same, which was registered with the USPTO or the Department of Administration. patents and trademarks Since July 2015, the past.

The patent discusses the new Samsung Smartwatch in the future to be able to confirm through blood. Just put him on an off-hand. The system uses infrared technology To help determine whether the vessel's owners or Smartwatch not be used to compare with photos of the vessel owner to be recorded in the system. It can also be used in the fields of mobile transactions as well.

If this technology is used, it can actually replace the fingerprint system used in the present it here. However, we also know that Samsung will bring the latest technology that is patented to Smartwatch which version is also waiting to see each other soon, certainly.


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