The system detects pedestrians in realtime by the University of California, San Diego.

University of California, San Diego have developed a system to detect pedestrians in realtime. To be used for unmanned vehicles.

The university has used models with sensing system development. The system can detect pedestrians in the 2-4 picture frames / sec is the rate at which the human eye as well. To achieve precise detection than conventional systems. Do not miss the surrounding terrain.

Professor Nuno Vasconcelos, who supervised the project, said. Pedestrian detection system can also be utilized in other systems, such as control of the robot. Or the detection and video.

Today, with the development of unmanned vehicles from giant companies. And unmanned vehicles are likely to be released to the streets in the future. Security technologies for unmanned vehicles is essential for the Smart City. And in addition, it can also be used in conjunction with face detection or a phase-Tech to determine whether such a person is no accident occurs, the system can alert or an individual mL timely too.


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