Biometric technology

Biometrics is a biotechnology. Which is a combination of biological and medical technology. With the computer technology together. By measuring its physical (Physical Characteristics) and behavioral characteristics (Behaviors) that are characteristic of each person to identify that person. Then these things then compare the attributes that have been saved in the database earlier. To distinguish them from the other party. The physical features of the people that most will not change over time. While human behavior may be changed, be it vocal signature. Using the keyboard Which is a feature of the behavior of individuals. Can change with time and learning of the candidates. Thus proving that the person using physical characteristics. More reliable Another advantage of using a Biometric this type, it is easy to be accepted by users. And the risk of infection is low. Since you do not have to take organs susceptible to infection (eg, eye) contact with equipment used to read the data. Biometrics Physical examples of commonly used include fingerprint, palm and iris with a black eye or face.

ไบโอเมตริก ไบโอเมตริก ไบโอเมตริก

Biometric can be divided into two types, ie the physical aspect. (Physiological Biometrics) and behavioral characteristics (Behavioural Biometrics) in the identification.

1. Physical characteristics (Physiological Biometrics) fingerprint Facial Recognition Fingerprint facial features characteristic of the mobile nature of the fingers Finger Geometry Hand Geometry style ear Ear Shape Iris and Retina Eye smell the Human Scent.

2. Characteristic behavior (Behavioural Biometrics) printing Keystroke Dynamics Walking Gait Recognition sound Voice Recognition signed Signature.

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