Mokacam 4K

Mokacam  video camera at 4k has been designed to be built with smaller cameras available on the market. The tiny camera has now been raised to a 4k camera, the smallest in the world.

4k Mokacam video camera is equipped with a camera in IndieGoGo project that has been designed to be suitable for use through any action similar to the one we use cameras, GoPro.

กล้องวีดีโอจิ๋ว ระดับ 4k

4k camera, the smallest in the world with this specification.
– 16 megapixel sensor
– A wide viewing angle of 152 degrees.
– Connect to work through a smart phone with Wi-Fi.

กล้องวีดีโอจิ๋ว ระดับ 4k

The price of this camera Cost just 99 dollars, or about 3500 baht only if you can support the Early Bird and delivery schedule. To be held in February 2016 to this year.

กล้องวีดีโอจิ๋ว ระดับ 4k

It is an interesting camera, not least for small 4k video camera in the world today. There's a very cheap price in the future. GoPro camera seems to be a rival to the course. See details at  IndieGoGo 


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