New World of Security Management

E-Ideas is also into high-end research & development and it's over a decade and a half that we are working on the product & solutions related to security & safety.Our aim is to provide safe & secure cities and comfort at all level to the residents. With the help of E-Ideas secure system , the security can be managed at all level which include home, villages and at city level. In our opinion, there should be a smart system which allow residents to participate by sharing data and as a result whole community get benefit.
The enterprise secure system can connect to all databases across the city or country. To deal with crime, a historic data is stored for statistical modeling, predictive analysis to predict traffic, flood, etc..This helps to solve problems in an efficient and timely manner. In case of emergency, the system notify in advance by sending alarm with location, photos, live videos and messages to the handhelds or cell phone to the residents of the city and hereby citizens of the country.

Implemented in real and in-use

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Our Services 

Consulting & Networking Design
Database Design Consultancy and Big Data
Consulting, design and system security.
Consultant and prime contractor of the project.
Counseling and Software Development
Consulting, development, research & development of hardware.



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