Switzerland's robot dog for search and rescue.




       This robotic dog named STARLETH (Star Lethbridge) and as a result the invention of the Swiss Institute of Technology, or ETH in Zurich to the north of Switzerland. This robot has a head or ACTUATOR 12 characters and recognize or nearly 50 SENSOR on the panel, which will allow the robot automatically or by remote control.

       Marco industry's chief researcher said. They intend to make this robot can climb over obstacles, so it must be highly maneuverable. It can run The energy efficiency So they must have robots that can work for several hours. And it should be the same size as a human right, it can be used it to get around on their own.

       The four-legged robot is especially useful when applied to the terrain in the backcountry. The search and rescue operations because they can be modified rubber footfall and rhythm of their own. Researchers company plans to set up a robot to bring the robot to serve in various difficult work. The exploration for oil and natural gas in the future.


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