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       I noting that now people in the city began leading the advancement of technology in the modern world. Used in self-defense. Or a key witness who keep us safe from these events by the "camera car" popular sizes that it's not just cars that stick. This motorcycle was stuck with. The camera on the car Acts as a camera for recording events while driving. Is designed to be small, easy to use by electric cars. And installation - turn off automatically. When we start the car The camera will start And when we turned off the engine itself for memory. Most use memory memory card to store video files, but certainly if the recording time. Cards must be filled quickly It makes many camera models have an automatic system files such as deleting old files left behind. Split files into smaller partners. Including reducing the resolution when the vehicle moving slowly or stopped. This reduces file size We do not have the hassle of dealing with the file itself.

        Accidents and disasters on the road began doubly concentrated and more complex every day. It can be seen that it was condemned by the "video" camera car. Often social media Sharing on YouTube, Facebook does have a camera mounted police ordered all areas. To be used as evidence in litigation. And reduce the impact on individuals But still it was not thorough well. Images from the camera's front. It is true that the most important evidence in an emergency. That can help us have better oral storytelling. Since the time of the accident People think they are right. I do not believe I have to believe that we could call the group. "People's Police" or "citizen journalists", since the images from the camera to the social media is very useful. It helps extend the arrest. And to prosecute offenders in many ways. Maybe the fact that could be called. "Police arrested the police" not only recorded road accidents. But also to monitor the actions of officials in the. To confirm that pure road true?

Why do you have a camera on the car.

        First, it's a little personal. I that would be great for us women. Because it is not all thieves Women who drive alone to fend for themselves, they should have too. If the unexpected happens. In the event of a road accident who is wrong, you do not have to waste time arguing. Perhaps it is good parking He has cut car Backed by a hit and run Picture it against everything! It is simply evidence that proves without a doubt that it happened accidentally speed the insurance claims have.

       Replay Replay video recording itself will have to improve if we are driving badly. Some cameras can use GPS data, which shows the vehicle. Display and recording routes traveled live. Photos show that where How much speed Feel confident and secure to know that you will be saved. Even the sound can also be recorded The day we spent on the road as much.


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How to buy Or considerations

       Intended use - a camera may do many things, such as photos, video recording and video surveillance. Or some may have built-in GPS with options to suit ourselves. Suitable for our use. To me the most

        The size of the camera - be it small, medium, large, if your car is a small car. Then install the camera at large. It will cause the camera to obscure visibility, visibility. It is not nice

       The contrast of the video - so much importance to this. Need a good picture With maximum clarity Current camera-equipped cars now have cameras provide sharp images up to Full HD video at up to it a thousand baht. Some camera models may provide sharp images in daylight. But on the night and the terrible quality files. See for yourself before we use it in time. If you want to focus on the cheap before. That means lower quality, too. Such as driving at night, the camera barely see anything.

Do not forget about the film front too. Film front also contributed to shoot blurry at night if you buy it at the next purchase, then do not bother with it better.

        G-sensor - the sensor vibrates. When shaking violently as braking collide. The camera will prevent files being overwritten added. The files are saved to pull together the moments before the incident took place in the file. So that when we open up the view. Do not know why it happened.

        Wide viewing angle - Camera Car at 120 degrees wide-angle lens can capture detailed images up to wide angle. Visible lot The narrow view car camera. The scene may capture only the front only. Can not keep the car in a side view.

        Look for reviews of the internet, Youtube - a view camera car reviews from real users. Images from the camera will be able to tell if we are interested. What features The more I review There is a lot more comparison And help make decisions easier.

Actually, the camera car is not essential to driving. But when the scene unexpectedly. It will be a key witness to help us. In case we do not But if we're wrong, it will be a lesson for us to consider why that happened. And should be improved? Drive with caution as well.  

Which CCTV is used by the navigation e4c system images from the CCTV system in all systems to filter the data. Capture and display data as required. To reduce the time to find the time.


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