Axis network camera market a fixed installation. With the new camera family AXIS Q17.


กล้องระบบเครือข่ายแบบติดตั้งคงที่รุ่น AXIS Q1775

         Network cameras mounted static version AXIS Q1775 and AXIS Q1775-E remote sensing is excellent. For a video overview extensive and detailed visual description sufficient to identify. Network cameras mounted static version AXIS Q1775 and AXIS Q1775-E has the ability to zoom, 10x optical zoom, auto focus. The WDR-Dynamic Capture function, which is capable of capturing images in low light conditions that are not normal. Both models are network cameras for video surveillance - Surveillance looking to capture a far more comprehensive way. The overall visibility was the most extensive. And still being able to keep an adequate level of visual detail that can be used to identify sections.

         Axis Communications campaigns. Market leader in network video surveillance. Enhance network camera models, AXIS Q1755 and AXIS Q1755-E with function Wide Dynamic Range - Dynamic Capture, which allows video images are clear and have high contrast. Both cameras have a HDTV 1080p resolution, a sensitivity increase. Working day and night And provides excellent video quality. Even if the object is moving fast, two-way audio support 48 kHz CD-quality audio to high quality and can be used in the analysis was accurate.

         Mr. Eric director of product management. Axis said "cameras AXIS Q1755 is compatible with other products such as explosion-proof camera cover. And solutions in the rotation line / tilt without much trouble. And with the same components We can upgrade video surveillance - Surveillance installed with the latest technology with ease of Axis' cameras AXIS Q1775-E has been designed to be installed outside the building safely. Whether mounted on the building. To monitor the entrance and exit area around the building. Installation on pole for surveillance in the parking lot. Or to install a security system in the community. This camera has a standard protection against dust and water level IP66 standard tolerance of violence or cut the level IK10 standard protection cover camera at NEMA 4X and functions Arctic Temperature Control, which enables the camera. can operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit).

         Mr. Eric said, "The camera is equipped with an intelligent network. The intelligent video analytics help operators not only use video surveillance to analyze the incident only. But can also be used to automatically detect and deal with the situation immediately, "Eric said. "The operator has been notified of the incident and how quickly. It will have more time to think, to respond to that event, however, the incidence of adverse events in. Always start from the noise is not normal. It may be pointed ear-splitting noise. Popping noise / sound bombs or gunfire detector sounds. Function analysis using non-voice functions, image analysis and video cameras AXIS Q1775 and AXIS Q1775-E is an audio function developed by the partners of Axis. Which is a function of high-quality audio performance for audio analysis variants ".

         Both cameras have motion detection function. Function alarm when a tamper or interfere with the camera are unknown. The function detects shocks and Gatekeeper-functionality. Used to prevent access and zoom into the object detected. Two new cameras can be configured in a variety of formats H.264. Animation and video streaming with full frame rate and recording on SD- Card for a modern alternative to storing video images on the camera. It also supports the application of intelligent video applications such as people counting function. And compatibility with AXIS Camera Application Platform and AXIS Video Hosting System includes a programming interface for system compatibility of other software, such as ONVIF.

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