Prepare release a "robot" new generation made in Thailand. Focused care - the elderly friends.



        "Robot pencils" made in Thailand has been recognized abroad. The latest development versions 3 and 4 and is focused on helping fellow seniors.

      Robot mini pencil was invented and built by Thailand. The test can be an elderly Japanese exercise and also as a medium to talk to the children. The robot portfolio is one of the three options were put to the test used in Japanese hospitals. And improve the ability to use more convenient.

        Robot pencil mini version 3 is designed to look like children work 24 hours a camera for a look. Can call the doctor Or grandchildren through smart phones. There are apps Dharma lecture session listening exercise video games train the brain to warn medicine. And warning of falling Or accident

        Mr. Chalermpol pioneer created a robot market in Thailand has spent over 20 years developing the robot since the first version to version 3 by gathering people together who love and many have passed the stage of the contest, the robots of the world to join the elite. Developed a robot pedigree Thailand Has the look of a robot of the West and Japan. Export targets to have 100,000 robots within the last two years to prepare the NIVEA Scandinavia and Japan. And is currently developing the fourth generation to excel in the elderly can move it anywhere.


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