Owls CCTV cute.




      Owls CCTV I first realized how lovely furniture. Who would ever think that it is CCTV. They show emotion through the eyes of IoT or Internet of Thing is a trend of modern equipment. Various appliances It adds the ability to connect to the Internet. Working smarter This recommendation is another interesting piece. CCTV is called Ulo with a cute face like no other.

       Ulo concept of the eyes that can express emotions and feelings. This is another tool for powerful communication without words, which Ulo can communicate through the eyes of a LED screen spherical single use with Smartwatch Users can set eyes on the web and application options. The match demand Whether it's a colorful, emotional or display animation. You can also retrieve information from the Internet to express it. The weather or a major event in the calendar. For example, if it rains today, it stupidly Ulo birthday or if it shows signs happy.

        Operating Ulo can shoot both still images and video, streaming live video. This time my eyes are blinking The look and motion tracking of the photo. The work will connect to the app on your smartphone. In case that you continue to see Ulo not flammable, it will send a GIF file to the e-mail instead. Ulo come with built-in battery A single charge can be used for two days when the battery gets 10% Ulo will show you to see through the eyes fatigue. If anyone is interested can read it on the web fundraising Kickstater it.

ref : http://www.krobkruakao.com/ข่าวเทคโนโลยี/144910/นกฮูกวงจรปิด…สุดน่ารัก.html

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