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         Current crime happens a lot around. In addition to the threat, then we need to be careful. Government agencies also need assistance in checking the protection and effective action by Sommai honor. Managing Director, Television & Security Systems Limited, a subsidiary company Telecom Co., Ltd. (Thailand) said that the recent Thailand faced with unexpected events, intensifying the increase. Nobody knows what will happen now that the private sector wants the government to build confidence among tourists and foreign investors so Univision's partnership with NICE Systems is a software company from Israel. The second development is that the Nice Situator Nice Suspect Search and modern technology to help manage the various situations wisely said that Mr. Nice Suspect Search is a search target person quickly. Shortens the search time from hours to just minutes. You can specify the place, date, time and route of that person. There will be retrieved from the CCTV system to analyze and monitor the targets quickly and accurately. Designed to distinguish objects The height of a person unknown to distinguish more quickly. In addition to your security. Provides a benefit to the service and administration at various locations with the Vision has been able to serve a large number such as airports, shopping malls, banks, etc., which is currently available Nice Suspect Search starts at the airport in LA and. Glasgow City Scotland "This software Personnel must be used in conjunction with the actual system is automatic. But it will take a check and instructed on the mainline. And people will have to see what that is unknown or suspicious objects. If a suspicious object, the system will record everything and can look back at pictures of the suspect immediately. The accuracy was 90%. "

         In addition, the software also works effectively at night. Can capture objects in the halo installed cameras clearly over the normal eye. Vision's software The camera is designed to be more intelligent. Can be used with all The camera system in the new era, where 90% of the total market can link out also compare individual images from the camera to send SM S to determine whether the same person or not, too. While Nice Situator software to manage events. The center received a notification from the system, including call centers, access control, CCTV, intrusion, fire alarm. And detection and identification cards, license plates, etc., when such information, the system will analyze the information to be forwarded to the authorities concerned quickly. Prevent and reduce damage from events that may occur. "Installation of vision that can perform comprehensive design, installation and maintenance of equipment to be available 24 hours a day, customers can choose the form of turnkey design and installation services. Repair If you do not want to invest too can choose to form a cover for the system equipment as well as staff management and maintenance services, "Sommai said it expects business in security have been growing. average of 10-15% per year, the total market value each year more than 1.5 billion baht.

         However, the current Vision Customer service is especially relevant authorities to secure 60-70% of such defense. The care in the five southern border provinces. Royal Thai Police Government Complex of Bangkok, Thailand Post. And municipalities in Chonburi The software is installed CCTV to approximately 12,000 with urgent policy of the government to reduce crime in all its forms Univision holds a leading security software invented on the spot. The project prepared a contract of approximately 3,000 million baht. ".

In addition to the software mentioned above will be able to help the government. Also Available e4c systemRed Light Camera Systemface recognition These products were able to help the government. Then remember the faces of suspects wanted for it.

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