Hand Mechanical genius! Kinova Robotic Disabled


        Kinova Robotic Mechanical equipment is the latest. Kinova manufactured by companies that have a reputation for creating devices that are used to support the work of the people, by the Kinova Robotic is designed to help the disabled directly. With a versatile device that is shaped like a hand that can control the use of various thought. To grab objects She is just a really, ever ready to work with the wheelchair of the disabled (Wheelchair) seamlessly Kinova Robotic building materials. Carbon fiber is strong, durable and lightweight. With modern technology to control. Easy to use By pressing a button 2-3 only form of hand movements this machine. Can range to 16 models in use with various activities. In everyday life as well. And is safe to use higher. So this is Kinova Robotic mechanical devices that will help the lives of people with disabilities as well as ever Kinova Robotic addition to a mechanical genius. 
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