Bangkok accelerated flammable light - CCTV 283 risk points within 21 November.


CCTV camera
          M.R.Sukhumphan Boriphat governor of bangkok. Chairman of the Board of Management Bangkok at the 28th annual general meeting in 2557 reported progress on the implementation of the social organization for security in Bangkok such as improving the physical landscape. Install lighting to prevent crime in vulnerable points 283 points based on government policy. The main streets already implemented 96 per cent secondary and soy already implemented 76.8 per cent for the installation of CCTV. At present completed installation of 164 percent to 119 of which 58 are in progress must be completed within 60 days of the scheduled date of 21 November.

           M.R.Sukhumphan Boriphat said When installing electric lights in areas related to external agencies. Strongly urges the Department of Public Liaison to acknowledge the problems and difficulties of implementation. The social organization for security in Bangkok. Completion deadlines And goes smoothly And a detector installed in the area that are finished. The operation was completed according to plan with. CCTV system can capture and display data as required. Also included in the centralized Command and Control Center (e4C).


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