Smart City Management System


         Smart City is the technology applied to the city to make life more comfortable and safe. And a better environment The public will have the added security, reducing the time and energy into the smart city has arisen around the world, such as Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Xinjiang, and so there are many other cities that have put this system to a smart city. In future, including Thailand

        Smart city system as we have known it. Security The city has already used it by installing cctv camera not only records the image. But analysts have automated processing systems. The recording will be saved on the cloud, we can monitor live video images. And back Safety if we can prevent it before it happens it is a great misfortune. The system can analyze suspicious behavior. For example, a person walking in a roundabout way or that someone took something to put aside, then walked away. It may be a time bomb. The capture man who walked into a restricted area. If these behaviors, it will alert the control center. If the scene is captured by criminals. This camera system is also able to track the suspects as ordered cameras capture the people and vehicles that need to be followed. The system will display a route on a map to see that what we pursue is to where. To reduce power consumption, these cameras will have solar panels, solar cell, reducing the use of electricity.

       Also safety in city There are intelligent traffic management if accidents happen on roads where cameras capture on the road, they will alert to the control center to alert the control center to the smart phone or the bus stop to the screen. would not say how the accident happened. For those traveling on redirect. This will help alleviate traffic The smart city is also part of e4c.

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