Traffic police ask for Bangkok - support the budget includes 590 million online orders increase red light.

Red Light


      Traffic and Transportation Bangkok revealed that each year Bangkok will have programs to support the activities of the traffic police, including the purchase  road sign . And the duty of the traffic police. Traffic training The study visit, etc. By use budget  fines from the arrest of the perpetrators of the traffic police in Bangkok. Each year, Bangkok will be the average amount of 30-50 million baht, which is half the amount of fines each year. It is a budget that is still very low. If compared to the budget for the purchase of equipment to support traffic. Or to develop and resolve traffic problems in Bangkok.

      However, the implementation of the traffic system development, the Bangkok police and traffic. A joint meeting continued. To fix traffic is the most efficient way. As part of the traffic problem in Bangkok that. The local police will request to Bangkok to support traffic equipment, except Bangkok also have to prepare a budget to carry out repairs and improvements such as traffic and traffic equipment damaged by life. Or grab crash was damaged. Average per year over 10 million baht.

       For the project, the traffic police asked. Bangkok additional support Most of the equipment to practice detects offenders are encouraged to install the cameras catch Red Red Light Camera additional 60 intersections spend about 400 million baht and encourage e TIG. Skating Or issuing electronic system, a budget of 190 million baht, which is currently in the process of implementation of the budget.

        Red Light or Red Light Camera System  is a car made an illegal violation of traffic signals can be detected automatically. The system will detect (Detect) vehicles that appear in the image from the camera.

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