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vogue of Robots

      President, Software Group Bank of Japan's Yoshi your Sun predicted in June 2558 that the number of robots will outpace the growth of the human population within the next 30 years by different people. It's like robots that mimic human gestures and operational procedures, so it is good news for the manufacturing sector in bringing robots to install a lot of applications. According to a survey by the Federation of International Robot indicators of industrial robots installed worldwide today with over 200,000 by 2557 when the demand for industrial robots continue growing at a rate of 12%. The years from 2558 to December 2560.

Select investments wisely

      The company has large production lines that utilize robotic technology already. Business SM E, it can be used as well. Its compact size and low environmental impact of robotic products. But when the initial investment was a key issue at the SM Event must be extremely wary. And are often based on the following financial measures: the payback period or return on investment.

      The payback period is monitored annually. And the time that the investment was used to obtain the cash flow from the investment worth the cost to be incurred. There are several disadvantages to measure investment risk with this approach as this method does not include future income when the breakeven level. This means that long-term value from their investments to the industrial robots that do not reflect well in this equation.

       Return on investment is often expressed as a ratio. Calculated net of investment-related expenses. "Most manufacturers have a traditional method of calculating returns. And is based on reducing labor costs, employment (direct labor savings) and short-term benefits. But really benefits Then the robot is not in the short term, "said Ron Potter, director of the Robotics Technology for Factory Automation Systems, Inc. noted.

Three caution

       There are ways to reduce indirect costs. And additional benefits that may not be relevant reflected in the return on investment. Or payback period It is important to consider when deciding to put robots to use as labor costs. Stability in the production process And the time lost with finding and training staff.

      Industrial robots are mechanical automata model that can be used 24 hours a day, even blacking factory after workers returned home to be finished. In addition to checking the normal maintenance schedule. It does not require employee benefits such as sick leave or health insurance. Which does not require it to you, these robots. It is obvious that to reduce the costs associated with hiring down as much as desired decision to bring robots to deployment.

      Moreover, stability in production at the plant is to be installed on industrial robots used in factory production lines. The robot is able to guarantee the high quality pieces that are consistent with a system that moves with precision. Prevent waste of material This point is particularly important for the sector to produce the desired accuracy. Or microfabrication at higher prices.

      Time is money in the manufacturing sector. The work has involved the robot. To save time, to be used in part for recruiting workers. Which no longer needed The production line can be set quickly. Which offset the time lost with the recruitment of workers into the factory to compensate people and so on.

About Universal Robots

      The Universal Robot is a result of the success of the robotics research heavily for several consecutive years. products The company consists of Robots with human UR3 UR5 and UR10 robotic arm named these versions as weight in kilograms.

      UR since first entering the market in December 2551 the company has grown steadily. And marketed in more than 50 countries around the world that are interested in bringing robotic applications. The average payback period for UR robots are just 195 days was considered the fastest rate in the industry. Company Universal Robot's headquarters are located in Rio dens. Denmark Along with research, development and production. Goals are sold worldwide. The growth in revenue doubled every year since 2557 to December 2560 Do visit their website at

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