Odyssey GoPro camera allows you to capture a full 360 degrees.

โอดีสซีย์(Odyssey) เป็นอุปกรณ์เสริมกล้องโกโปร(GoPro)

Jersey Odyssey (Odyssey) as an accessory GoPro camera (GoPro) version. Which can record video in every corner. With a maximum resolution of 8K

Previously, Google had a really cool project ideas once with Jump enabled device camera cam action. For the image 360 degrees to get good feedback from users, so even the manufacturers latest action cam biggest GoPro has launched a new camera accessories. Which can record every way, as well.

Accessories GoPro camera (GoPro) This model is named. Jersey Odyssey (Odyssey), a docking camera with a circular motion. Equipped with cameras, GoPro HERO4 Black number 16 allows 3D video in full 360 degrees with 8K resolution at 30 frames per second. A microphone jack for stereo sound. A cable and a memory card for the camera. Storage Case with a great brand with Pelican.

However, the GoPro (GoPro) provided the opportunity for those who would like to have you, well Odyssey (Odyssey) to use the register to be eligible to purchase through the website GoPro without accessories, this model outfitted with a price. at 15,000 US dollars (about 526,500 baht) a separate price for Odyssey's camera does not yet officially announced.

There's Odyssey (Odyssey) accessory that allows shooting at 360 degrees, then the system recorded data from a geographic Ladybug3 converted video. Then processed into 3D graphics. And want an accurate map provides high accuracy in environments that. Can be found at Car filmed video map 360 degrees (eMMS) This system can be applied to a range of agencies. Captures 360 degrees

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