Mask control dreams.

Who ever thought of controlling dreams. This is really close to me. Just this sleep mask only.

This is a device that is named Octavio A. Martinez Garcia Napz by which it can simulate lucid dreaming sleep is over, we're realizing that dream. We can control many things in our dreams. It will focus on sleep during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which is the body but the brain is active. This period was the dream. When we enter the REM embedded lights will shine through the eyelid, which is to stimulate the ability to control dreams.

Control my dreams as a way to help people with insomnia, the nightmares are frequent, stress from experiencing violence. Sleep disorders and diseases caused by Lucid dreaming is a technique commonly used to treat them for centuries, which Napz and similar devices will help patients faster access to lucid dreaming.

Now Napz were able to show in the Digital Futures UKMX labs weekend in Mexico held by V & A under the support of the British Council and partners Centro de Cultura Digital.

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