New Security Technology


           The disclosure of project development or CCTV cameras using the new technology. Have the ability to help determine behavior. Or suspicious objects which could be used in terrorism. This development project supported by the European Commission and an official project name that SUBITO The main task of the project is. Developed technology to analyze images captured by surveillance cameras. It can also provide more information than a typical video image. By surveillance cameras at the entrance to the building or the public. It is for the purpose of security. Which these CCTV It has the ability to store a vast number of consecutive frames. In order to keep the video recorder. But these cameras are not very effective in analyzing the image data was collected. Or analyzing the situation arising from the collection will look like. Risking catastrophe will happen or not. With this concept the Finnish VTT company, one of professional CCTV technology. Has been jointly developed with experts from several countries in Europe, for research and development of CCTV. To meet the requirements mentioned above.

           Misfortune can happen by having people take shots in a briefcase which might contain a bomb. Or other dangerous objects to leave the landmark. Entrance airports, railway stations, shopping malls. We will not see these devices in public places. Like the use of surveillance cameras It makes the place even has a camera attached. It can have adverse events, and difficult to detect the culprit. CCTV This new generation will be able to tell if a suspicious bag. Were put aside any time by anyone who analyzes data such images. Born from writing and program development. To analyze the image data stored efficiently in more applications. The system can immediately tell from the image files in the archive. Therefore, when analyzing the resulting images are then vulnerable to adverse events. Like bringing bags to leave. When the owner went out of his pocket to pocket a dubious manner. The system will send a signal to the authorities for further action, such as to check the scene to prevent the misfortune to happen.

           This new technology It can be retrofitted to existing CCTV systems. The project is currently in the experimental stages. And improvements in the operation of part that is not yet complete. The project is jointly developed by the leading companies, experts, researchers from universities and leading technology. Business and consumer use. The project owners hope Make the security system using cameras more effectively. In addition, CCTV has become part of e4c.

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