Of course, a villain bomb found If the smart city management system virtualization.


          Of course, a villain bomb found If the city administration together with intelligent virtual security solutions for criminals do not know if the people of Thailand at work management system in conjunction with an intelligent virtual security solutions. The research produced in Thailand for over 16 years has been the standard of CE FCC ROSH world guarantee you certainly do not exceed 2 hour before the culprit to leave the country.
          E-ideas have helped the "e4C" with sub CMS Analytic, Video360, Digital Map, Control room / Multiple Control room links to other information. Linked Data Wire / Wireless Sensor and are used in a joint operation by a Smart Device Application help - by providing information. (CCTV Face automatic relationship articles for the motor carrier's place relevant departments to travel phone card information, etc. to create Passport Crime Information Socials Media Relations. A chart included A villain but of course - with the Link Multiple brand CCTV camera to one solution, for example, we use (e-Smart Box) can link all camera brands have - and are connected with many - have read faces even concealed. face very precise - Works with Smart City / Smart Life Etc.

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