China started using QR codes allow people to return home can be.

Survey in 2012 showed that China's population aged over 60 years is only around 194 million people, representing 15% of the total population. This number will increase to 243 million by 2020.

With the development of the distributed medical system in China is not enough. Including the issue of aging populations has increased rapidly. Therefore, the introduction of technology to help solve the problem. China is a leading innovator in the QR code that is affordable to use. With the implantation of an elderly man who was found to be able to lift up two smartphones and went back to being back home.

Ideas began to be used by the city in the county Dingxiang Han Hui of China. The coin is made ​​out of printed QR code to go along with the text. "Please scan this, take me home," In the beginning, there has been trial distribute dollars to more than $ 50 in the future, he plans to give to a person older than 60 years with more than 1,400 poor people. Fully

The frame is made from plastic for comfortable durability. Code is contained in the When hand holding up the scan, it will see the card, contact the family. And neighborhood residents In addition, he also plans to develop a version that sew clothing to prevent people dropped coins or forget where I put it.

Sleep tight that technology alone can not solve this problem. Require cooperation from people around you in society that must be observed that these seniors are in need of assistance to me.

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