Google sent a balloon to win a Wi-Fi coverage in Africa and Asia.

After undermining the rumors that Google (Google) search engine giant to invest in a wireless network, a group of African and Asian countries to the population in remote areas can access the Internet. The latest images reveal main components that make Google a wireless signal without a pole. That is, the aircraft would be balloons shot wide Wi-Fi signal several hundred square miles.              The past week. The data indicate that the wireless network will be created Google in Africa and Southeast Asia. To the African and Asian people can get online even in areas with no network access.

In Africa. Report of the C zone indicates that the goal of Google is Sub-Saharan Africa, or the countries located south of the Sahara Desert in Africa, 48 countries have a combined population of more than 574 million people and growing. economic high point in the past 8-10 years have reported that balloon shot of Google Wi-Fi signal, which is called a floating platform. "High-altitude platforms" that can cover hundreds of square miles. Google can add the internet to the world with a population of 1 billion people still can not access the online world at the moment.              Despite the disclosure form signaling device Wi-Fi and Google Sky now. But everything has not received any verification. Of major search engines. The Wall Street Journal's report did not reveal the name of the official sources. Simply stated that Google is considering the deployment of wireless signals via satellite. Experiment with different wireless frequency. Which Google may choose to use the two technologies together.

+07006 1 17 June 2013

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