Financial Innovation 4.0

"Thailand 4.0" model, all sectors are awake, even the 17th financial fair this year is held under the concept. "Financial innovation 4.0" by the financial institutions. Both public and private They bring new technology and financial innovation. Show off to the bustling. Consumer behavior The focus is fast.

Video Teller Machine

Financial Innovation 4.0 is the concept at the 17th Financial Expo or Money Expo 2017. There are many banks that bring modern financial innovation to the service of Government Savings Bank. Use barcode of the product. The shop does not need a card swipe. I can pay for the product. In addition, VTM or Video Teller Machine VTM is the same as the service at the branch. By using the DVIO conferencing system. The staff is at the branch. However, the cabinet is located at any transaction. Deposits - withdraw money to open a new account VTM machines will be installed at the end of this year.

The Government Housing Bank also has VTM machines to serve customers as well. By booking credit promotions. Before coming to full service transaction soon.

Piggipo แอพลิเคชั่นจัดการบัตรเครดิตร

For credit cards you can not afford to buy. Piggipo application solves this problem. By connection Credit card information The balance and status indicate that. How much to use And there are alerts when it's time to pay. This is the first application for Thailand to solve this problem.

In addition, in the DigitalTechnology zone, Digital Avengers subsidiary of SCB. Application development in the field. Let people in the trial. By selecting applications that fit into the daily lifestyle. For example, seeing a facial expressing a facial expression during the time of use. Or digital piggy bank


This application. Connected with a piggy bank To train children Drop silver bowl And there are reminding children not forget. And parents can see through the mobile application. This helps children to know the savings. 

The financial innovation of the bank this year. The strategies used to reduce the use of cash. Used technology That helps to support spending more comfortable.


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