Is it possible.. The robot is capable of driving. The superior man?

This is an attractive proposition at the YAMAHA Company created under the theme "Beyond Human Capabilities" and to prove the answer to the question is the best way YAMAHA has created a robot racing biker rider named MOTOBOT up. with the development of technology and high-tech features that can be controlled intelligently and automatically driving.

The previous year-end 2015, Yamaha released the first video about MOTOBOT out with the substance to the challenge race. Rider Superbike legendary Valentino Rossi (known by the nickname The Docter, who was world champion for many years in MotoGP) under the name Home To "The Doctor" Then there was the buzz and the interest greatly. in many Whether it's the robot, the vehicle Superbike. The elite group of people.

Last Yamaha released the clips sequel came out under the name MOTOBOT Meets The Doctor has been revealed that Rossi has accepted the challenge with the visit and talks with rival MOTOBOT the edge of the field as well as bystanders. driving each other well After seeing the rider Rossi MOTOBOT feel the call to wow them. In this clip, the event will be. Let's see you do better.



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