G-Security Solutions authenticate with bio-metric matrix. Extra armor that protect organizations from cyber crime.

In the past year Consumers around the world have found that two in five people were hacked and passwords stolen. Thailand was ranked second highest of the hacked information. And a number of ASEAN Which sectors are at risk of being attacked, most financial services. Governments Business and Health

Mr Suthep warm compassion Managing Director. Group G, said that although the device and the current system will be able to set a password for security applications. Including the use of corporate data on the cloud, big data and mobile computing, but passwords may have weaknesses that can be easily guessed. Cause vulnerability to cyber criminals can easily access. Currently, the most popular form of Social Engineering attack using psychological tricks to lure fooled systems like Jive password. Tricked into submitting sensitive data Internet scams or phone etc.


The Company has established a group to oversee the G-Security solutions secure. He also joins the company HYPR Corp., a leading biometric technology from the United States. One of the company's FIDO Alliance Partners in providing biometric technology used in the right way and develop solutions Biometric Authentication Platform solutions available, the first of Thailand. By offering unique privacy. Security And its use To supplement covering the essentials of the organization.

However, since early this year, the company invests in research and development of secure online continuously. And established business group G-Security policy under the four aspects of the business is Security Consulting Service, Security Implementation Service, Security Managed Service and Security Sustainability Service in the second half will focus on Security Implementation Service with the launch. solutions Biometric Authentication Platform to provide comprehensive services to customers. With extended team of experts in cyber security, about 50 people under the goal of providing solutions for customers such financial 3-5 by the end of this year.


For biometric technology On Carmarthen critical applications. Used to develop solutions Biometric Authentication Platform will make it possible to install the software, complementing the existing security organizations. It takes 3-6 months to install fingerprint scanners can be easily portable, affordable and compatible with all operating systems of all devices that are currently available. Users can log into the system by scanning your fingerprint at any time. Considered to reduce the risk of password theft, or by reducing the hassle of remembering passwords. But can enhance the security of critical data and privacy more.

Mr.Pumipat Bhumiratana Senior Advisor Group G G-Security said the threats in the online world, there are a number of ways, such as access control system. Security software Password authentication system, but one safe way is to verify their identity before logging in using biometric technology. This is a personal biometric data such as fingerprints, palm physical voice, iris, face, DNA, etc., as well as signature verification, behavior, gait, etc., in order to verify their identity before entering the system. This technology is beginning to have more applications in all industries. It is a familiar technology in use by consumers who use smart phones new models. The fingerprint scanner to unlock the smartphone. Or to verify their identity for transactions over mobile Payne apartment includes identity verification in order to use the technology IoT (Internet of Things) believe that biometric technology will become the measure of security. encompasses the near future.




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