SAMSUNG along the production line for DRAM in sizes 128GB DDR4.

This may not be attractive for gamers all this time. I use 32GB RAM capacity can be considered more than enough. The use RAM capacity 8GB line number 4 line, but for a group of people working video editing or retouching the image RAM 32GB is not enough, certainly, even 64GB still want more after this to those problems are. when it was announced that SAMSUNG. With the waning of their production capacity of 128GB per row in Mass production or production lot in earnest then.

Ram ddr4 128GB

Just as capacity increases, but performance has increased. Because of that, the SAMSUNG have the technology to produce a new series called TSV (Through silicon via), which is similar to the V-NAND are piling up like the HBM is a layer called Stacked DRAM. it gives them a much higher performance compared to traditional tablets RAM is required to send data over power lines or layers of the PCB and also reportedly also said that AMSUNG new techniques. You can hide a layer or layers of DRAM up to 144 layers pellets into the 4GB of RAM, the RAM, the tablet can run faster doubled. At the same time, it has only half the power consumption compared to the current RAM capacity of 64GB.

RAM capacity of this size, it is designed for a specific market or markets Server with high capacity demand endless. But who knows in the future if it has improved the speed or performance are much higher. Perhaps it might be some gamers are interested in using the RAM capacity, the craziness that is seen.



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