Power-bank 9,000 mAh battery is fully charged, it takes only 18 minutes.

SIMPIZiTron is the fastest portable power bank/battery charger requiring only 18 minutes to fully recharge 9000mAh, compared to other traditional portable power banks which require 8 hours or more to recharge 9000mAh.

In a hurry? Recharging the SIMPIZiTron between 3-15 minutes will provide enough juice to fully charge these popular devices:

Living in the modern world, we’re constantly on our smartphones 24/7 — but the problem is most smartphone batteries can't keep up with our lifestyle and the way we use our phones. So, we’re forced to rely on portable chargers to get through the day.  But as most of us can attest, when you need portable batteries the most, like a night out on the town or a quick weekend vacation, you forget to recharge them! So either you leave it behind or you unknowingly bring along a dead portable power bank. We’ve all been there. And we know the frustration. But that aggravation is coming to an end with the SIMPIZiTron.


**After the campaign ends, you will be able to select one for your hub+dock**

The SIMPIZiTron was created for those who are too busy to waste precious hours waiting on a portable charger! SIMPIZiTron is the fastest portable charger that only needs 3 minutes to charge up enough juice to power a phone. 3 minutes won't fully charge the SIMPIZiTron, but it's enough power for your phone! 


Even if you forget to recharge it overnight, the SIMPIZiTron only takes 18 minutes to power up, so you can get out the door faster than ever before.

With SIMPIZiTron's 9000mAh capacity, it can charge most smartphones three times or more after only 18! You're ready to go and conquer the world, knowing SIMPIZiTron can keep your phone juiced.

Price 89 usd

ref: www.indiegogo.com/projects/simpizitron-fastest-power-bank-on-the-planet#/

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